Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Have a safe and happy new year

Tokyo in March on Classic Sakura tour
Kyoto in April on Sakura Highland tour


Happy New Year !!

It's great to end the year well in Sydney. The days are long and the weather's been warm. I've been taking it easy at this time, enjoying the beach and coastal walks with friends. I hope I can stay awake to see the New Year in. Do you have any plans?

Nakasendo in May on City Lights & Alpine Trails tour
Onuma National Park on North to Kamui Mintara tour in June



Thank you

In 2014, Riki's Tours Japan really took off! It's been quite a busy year. My small group tours all filled up with great fellow travellers. Thank you for finding my tours and spending time with me in Japan. Being with you is the best part of my business. I love travelling with you. Doing all the books and paper work is less enjoyable of course. I need to thank Jason for helping me with this side of things, and also the marketing and brochure design and everything else. Hopefully, I can fully clean up my office today before the New Year rolls in!
Shirakawago in September in City Lights & Alpine Trails
In Hakone on Nat-san's tailored tour in October


My year in review

As mentioned, my tours in 2014 were full with lots of happy travellers. I think I can say we all shared great times together in Japan. I also need to thank Nat-san for finding me to help with his tailored tour, bringing together friends from Australia and the U.S.
On the Kumano Kodo in November, Spirit of Japan tour
Nara Park in November on Autumn Colours tour








Into 2015

Most of my tours in the first half of the year have filled up, but there are still two places on my Sakura Highland tour departing 12 April, which is a fantastic tour taking in the cherry blossoms in Kyoto and mountainous areas. Later in the year, I have lots of space remaining including City Lights & Alpine Trails in September, Spirit of Japan in October, and Autumn Colours in November.