Friday, April 22, 2022

Riki's April 2022 Newsletter


Riki's April 2022 Newsletter

When can I go to Japan?

We had wanted to advise you of the opening date for tourists by now, but the Japanese government has not indicated a date yet.  However, it’s looking more positive than last year as overseas student & working visa holders can enter Japan now so many think the opening date for tourists will be announced after the national election of the upper house in July. One thing Japan won’t be relaxing for sure is mask wearing on public transport. Also, they ask you to refrain talking which has proven to be hard for some of my fellow travellers.

Can Riki's Tours Japan survive?

Thank you for thinking about us as we’ve been asked this many times. We’re ok thanks to our simple way of operating with just Jason and I working from the front room; no rent to pay for office space, no stock on the shelves or any significant outgoings. However, not doing any guiding with my fellow travellers for almost three years has made me realise that I miss my work, so I really want to get back into it and do better job in the future hopefully soon. Fortunately, I have had the chance to try out some new places in Japan a bit myself - as pictured above at Motonosumi Shrine in the far west of the main Honshu Island.

A gift for you

We have 50 copies of the “100 Experiences in Japan” magazine made by JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organisation). It includes beautiful pictures and 100 suggestions of things to do from well-trodden sights to more unusual adventures and contemporary experiences. We’ll send this copy to our first 50 readers who respond this newsletter with your mailing address.  We’re always looking forward to hearing from you!!

Availability for 2022

We have five tours prepared and ready to go from this September. Four of them have sold out and so the only one left for you is Autumn Colours, which has just four more spots. Please let us know if you’re interested in this tour. You can safely book with us. We have consistently refunded all customers who missed out on tours due to COVID. What’s more, our booking terms allow you to cancel with 100% refund until the day before your departure for any COVID related impediments to travel.