Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Our 2019 tours have sold out... How about an independent tour?

Independent tours

Are you an independent person like our supervisor (pictured)? We understand that not everyone wants to join a group tour, but we can still look after you on an independent tour. Jason does most of this work and he enjoys putting itineraries together for you. You'll get everything you need to travel independently with peace of mind backed up by all of our knowledge and experience. Please get in touch if you want to travel independently in Japan, but don't know where to start.

Kicking the plastic

We tend to accumulate quite a bit of plastic rubbish as we travel, so we've taken some small steps to reduce plastic waste. Here is our new cloth eco-bag (pictured) which we now distribute to all our travellers. The Japanese writing reads "I don't need a plastic bag". And on our Shinetsu Trail tours, instead of the throw-away bento-boxes that we use for lunch each day, we are giving all travellers their own re-usable bento-box and chop-stick set. We hope this helps to reduce our plastic footprint.

Off to see the sakura bloom

Next week, I leave Sydney for the cooler weather in Japan. The plum blossoms are already in bloom - they arrive a few weeks before the main event, the cherry blossoms! Because of the warmer winter, the blossoms are expected to bloom a little earlier than usual, but according to the forecast, they will fit my tours nicely. For travellers joining me soon, don't forget your warm jackets and hay fever tablets!

Meeting Deeks

I'm sure many of you recognise the man standing beside me in this pic. Yes, it is 'Deeks' - Robert de Castella, the greatest Australian marathon runner, who first rose to fame when he won the Fukuoka Marathon in Japan in 1981. I was lucky to meet with him after finishing the Port Macquarie Half-Marathon a few weeks ago. He's now the Director of the Indigenous Marathon Foundation, which we support. Please go to their page to learn more about this fantastic program that supports indigenous youth to reach their goals.

Ookini (Thank you)!

Thank you to all our travellers, past and present, who have spread the word about our tours. We are happy to say that we have sold all our tours for 2019. If you missed out this year, hang in there! Our 2020 tours will be released in Jul/Aug. Stay tuned!