Saturday, September 18, 2021

We are hopeful about restarting tours in 2022!


We hope that you are well

We hope that you have been well over these difficult times and have coped with the impact of lockdowns and other health orders. Ookini (Thank you) to everyone who has shown support to us since the pandemic struck in March last year. We had a full schedule of tours booked and ready to go last year, but sadly none of them could materialise, yet could return all monies paid by our customers. We are very thankful for the support from Japanese suppliers, who assisted us with refunds. We are also grateful for the various operating grants provided by the Australian Government (Federal & NSW) that ensured our company could remain viable and ready to restart. Thank you!

Tour status for 2022

Despite not knowing when we can leave this island or what will happen to us on return, we've started work on our 2022 tours. This is because of interest from our customers and also the plans of the airlines. Qantas, JAL and ANA have all released their schedules and fares for 2022 and are showing excellent value. So our focus for now is on our three tours in April during the cherry blossom season:
Classic Sakura (a couple of spots remain, and filling fast)
Earth & Fire (a few spots remain)
North Sakura (a few spots remain)
All of our other tours are also on sale so please get in touch if you would like us to pencil you in. We will not call for deposits until we know when our borders will re-open, and any pandemic related cancellations will be 100% refundable.

Independent tours

Before the pandemic struck, we had many customers with plans ready to go for an independent tour with us in 2020. And just like our small group tours, all of these arrangements were cancelled. Fortunately, we could refund all money paid to us, including the deposits. Just recently, we have started to receive calls from these customers about rebooking their trip for 2022, so if you're itching to travel to Japan independently, please get in touch.

What we do with ourselves in lockdown in Sydney

With life being in and out of lockdown, we keep things close to home. We visit our local park (Sydney Park) most days for a jog or a walk, and also our local supermarket. Jason has recently started an online course in training and assessment, and I have become more interested in our little garden. Raising marigolds and sunflowers from seedlings has become a particular thing of interest for me. How about you? What do you do to stay well over these hard times?

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